Play-to-Earn Game Moon Strike Applies for Epic Games MegaGrants

Moon Strike, an upcoming NFT Play-to-Earn game built on blockchain technology recently sent in its application for the Epic Games MegaGrants.

Epic Games Mega Grants is a developer support program that has supported a wide variety of Unreal Engine-developed projects. Launched in 2019, this program has shared amounts ranging from $5,000 to 500,000 to more than 200 different developers as an expression of their support for unreleased games. The grant is open to anyone using Unreal Engine’s game engine, 3D graphic tools, or open-source software. Also, Epic Games announced couple of times full support of games that are using blockchain and NFTs technologies compared to Steam platform.

If the grant is given, the game will be given a fund to support its causes and given creative freedom to continue with its plans and projects for its unreleased game. This amazing program will surely help out Moon Strike with such amazing partners from Epic Games. So, far Moon Strike is one of the first blockchain NFT games that applied for such MegaGrants.

To find out more about Moon Strike and keep track of all the game updates, check out their website or join their Discord. Join MoonStrike’s growing community in the official links below!

Official Links: — website — telegram — twitter — discord — Steam Page — youtube channel



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MoonStrike — Upcoming NFT Play-To-Earn Multiplayer with shooter and development of the base on Unreal Engine AAA quality