MoonStrike and ImmutableX have formalized a partnership

3 min readSep 12, 2022


As discussed previously, September will partially be a big month for strengthening and adding powerful partnerships between MoonStrike and other related industry leaders. With that said, and after several months of negotiations, the MoonStrike senior team received notice that they’ve been approved to partner up with ImmutableX and have the ability to be able to use their technology within the MoonStrike game.

After many months of discussions, we got approval and signed a partnership agreement with ImmutableX on using their technology in our game.

Who is ImmutableX?

ImmutableX is a web3 company with the sole focus on scaling NFT and other blockchain-related marketplaces which are scalable and as mainstream as possible. Currently, the primary option for minting and distributing NFTs is through the Ethereum-based chain.

ImmutableX builds out a layer 2 protocol, which will essentially allow the trading to continue on the Ethereum chain, but at a much faster and free transfer. That’s right; there are no more gas fees with ImmutableX when minting these NFTs, making it a carbon-friendly option as well.

Not only is it scalable, but the minute MoonStrike’s NFTs are listed through ImmutableX, so they will be distributed across multiple marketplaces, bringing huge access nearly day one to those holding MoonStrike-based NFTs.

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What does the partnership mean?

MoonStrike will get access to this platform and place their NFTs through these marketplaces. That means that all MoonStrike users and NFT holders will no longer have to worry about gas fees when one mints an NFT or transfers or trades it. This also means no unnecessary devaluation through expensive gas fees or delayed transfers that could take hours sometimes.

Speaking of transactions, MoonStrike working with ImmutableX is also due to handling the load at launch and as the game scales. It will support up to 9,000 transactions per second, so players can seamlessly trade their hard-earned NFTs with each other without any type of queuing or delay issues.

This will also help mainstream gamers who may be hesitant at times to add NFT-type gaming to the common game list. Building out a secure way for mainstream gamers to be able to not only play such a beautiful game developed in MoonStrike but also add the element of ownership and a fully complete marketplace will add a new way of how games can be seen.

That’s the mission of MoonStrike and its partnerships with the experts in the Web3 gaming community. For now, it seems like an ancillary part of gaming but is quickly becoming a part of mainstream gaming. ImmutableX already has numerous games under its portfolio, yet no FPS yet with the major production value, quality, and effort put into it as has been put into MoonStrike.

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