Moon Strike won 2nd place at the AIBC2022 Pitch competition in Malta

3 min readNov 27, 2022


Moon Strike continues to make pathways into the GameFi community and works to change the face of how blockchain-based games should look. With all the recent news these past few months, from partnerships with gaming communities to gaming marketplaces, the team behind Moon Strike is going full ahead with its ambitious goals.

Its latest achievement was at the recent AIBC 2022 pitch competition that was in Malta. So, of course, it only made sense to have this event for the Europe region in Malta, as that tends to be a hub for the globalization of businesses. Regardless the competition was fierce, and Moon Strike was able to climb up the ranks. Eventually, the platform itself achieved 2nd place in the pitch competition.

Everyone involved is thrilled to be able to reach such a global milestone, and the Moon Strike team is always thankful for how powerful its community has become throughout the year. With strength from the community and the popularity that Moon Strike has been building, it became the success it is heading towards now and all their hard work has been building toward this point.

To be even featured in AIBC, which is one of the premier blockchain and AI-based events that occur throughout the year in different regions, was a dream come true for Moon Strike and the team behind it. The possibility of even coming close to winning and gaining all that positive exposure is a testament to the fact of the overall quality of the game that’s being built with Moon Strike.

What’s next?

Regardless of the current market trends that are happening, or the exposures some international exchanges have had in recent weeks, Moon Strike is sticking with its release date and plan simply because they have been working tirelessly for a finished product. AIBC’s 2nd place in Malta only helped to be able to solidify not only the GameFi industry further, but that Moon Strike has become one of the templates for success and leaders to replicate going forward in this space.

With that said, all that’s going to happen going forward is Moon Strike gaining more exposure, working on winning as many awards as they can, and working towards ensuring that their loyal community will be able to be rewarded properly. This reward comes in the form of the actual game itself going to launch and giving the players what they want.

At the same time, these types of exposure will always help with the activity for Moon Strike and its overall platform. This will help to lead to a more active marketplace than originally intended and a healthy in-game economy and community, to ensure that GameFi is felt throughout the entire Moon Strike Platform.

For those who want to ensure they are able to stay up to date with whatever Moon Strike has planned yet, whether it’s more WL options or new competitions, always follow their Twitter or Discord for more information.

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