Moon Strike will participate in the biggest game event — GamesCom 2022

As the gaming industry starts to shift towards a more web3 mentality and focus more on the Metaverse, this will be represented well at the largest global gaming event this year, which is, of course, GamesCom 2022.

Located in Cologne, Germany, this event brings all the industry leaders to one location, as well as scores of fans who want to see the latest that will happen in the gaming industry.

How will the event work

GamesCom has embraced becoming an online venue as well as an offline venue due to the recent pandemic, as well as how virtual events should be a core component of any type of gaming-related event. That means the online feature will start on August 1st and allow for people to experience gamification that can lead to rewards and redemption at the actual event. This will be known as GamesCom Epix and be part of the gamescomverse.

It’s great to see that the event itself will be nearly a month-long, enabling many who cannot make it to the actual physical event still to participate in some capacity and enjoy what the future of gaming will hold.

However, the actual event will be held from August 23rd through August 28th, which means it’s time to start setting up travel arrangements and booking those tickets before there are non left.

Why is Moon Strike there?

A lot of development has been made with Moon Strike, as well as a huge roadmap that will be implemented down the line. GamesCom is syncing up with Moon Strike getting ready to unveil their demo and show the world what a beautiful NFT game can look like.

We plan on showcasing not only different aspects of the game itself but the extended Moon Strike universe and its connection with our NFT marketplace, our upcoming sale later on in the year, and the other ancillary components that round out how engaged we want our users to be.

We also want to be there ready to meet existing and new followers, as well as discuss with all the gaming businesses that are there on future collaborations. We felt that we’re comfortable with our current development progress to showcase it at the Gamescom this year.

Stay up to date with us

As the physical event approaches, make sure that you’re already following us on our social media channels so you can get more information on where we’re going to be. We’ll also provide live updates up until and through the event, so you’ll know not only where we are but what we’re going to be doing.

Don’t miss out on either GamesCom 2022 or seeing Moon Strike and meeting with the lead developers and founders. It will be an event that will be pivotal in how the gaming community and industry will start to look at games going forward.

You may even have a chance to try out Moon Strike yourself at the event.

Official Links: — Website — Twitter — Discord — Steam Page — Youtube channel



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