Moon Strike Showed Sneak View of Its Game.

There’s been a lot of communication and action surrounding the development of the Moon Strike Game. Most of these have been how the features will look when the game comes out, specifically the items available, the NFT marketplace, and how the game functionality will work. It has been a long journey, but Moon Strike now feels confident to be able to showcase its game through this sneak peek.

A different type of NFT Game

At the start, one quickly notices that the NFT game that’s being developed is not what is typically out there on the market. Many NFT-based games are focused more on the NFT aspect, with some rock-paper-scissors gameplay. The artwork is simplistic, and it’s always some type of turn-based game type. This is about adding collections to the account through a massive transaction with minimal gameplay mechanics.

When one looks at the gameplay here, one will immediately see how different this game is from current options for NFT gaming. The dedication is there to make this a visually stunning NFT game. That’s why the focus has always been on the game mechanics and the quality of the art and graphics from day one. It’s a vital next step in the evolution of NFT gaming as it becomes an incorporated functionality into the game versus a priority.

The gameplay itself

Beautifully rendered 3D environments are set up to explore on the Moon, and a fully interactive game awaits. There’s plenty of traditional FPS-style gameplay of shooting down opponents, with a variety of weapons offered at launch to keep things interesting.

On top of that, there’s the ability to farm and mine resources to be later used for upgrades and building. Once those minerals are farmed, one must defend a location and teleport the resources back onto the spaceship that’s visible in orbit.

More gameplay functionality will be included past Moon Strike Prologue, but for those that cannot wait and want to get into the action, it’s always a good idea to follow the Moon Strike developers to be aware of their future updates.

For those that have been following, then they will be sure to know that the Moon Strike beta will be launched in the very near future, and it will be truly an exciting time.

The overall ecosystem

Moon Strike will be more than just a game and will be an overall platform to develop a community of gamers that end up owning part of the content themselves. The vision of Moon Strike is to have an open-ended community with players in-game showing off their items through the NFT marketplace and finally having a game with peer-to-peer trading that is fun and makes sense.

If looking to be a part of this sooner than later, then look at the Moon Strike — Prologue Steam page, as that is where the beta will launch, as well as all the future updates that developers will be adding to the game.

Official Links: — website — twitter — discord — Steam Page — youtube channel



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MoonStrike — Upcoming NFT Play-To-Earn Multiplayer with shooter and development of the base on Unreal Engine AAA quality