Moon Strike Roadmap For September 2022

The team behind Moon Strike is thrilled to share how much progress it has had on all fronts. Whether it’s the development of the game, the ecosystem surrounding it, or the growth in partnerships and networks, this is the type of dedication and effort the founders and developers make toward the product.

This, of course, couldn’t be possible without the community, which the team wants to keep informed with the latest updates and upcoming events to look forward to. September is going to be a busy month for the team as they are going to be working on preparing for the official launch.

Public demo to come out

The full public demo will be available for all players to test out the game. In addition, there are going to be numerous events throughout the public test period, where players will have the chance to win rewards related to the game. That means, there may even be a small opportunity to win a chance for an NFT or other game-related component during this event. It will be a great way for the community that hasn’t had the opportunity yet to test out the game, as well as those that have only just recently started to follow Moon Strike’s development.

Moon Strike to be at the Binance Summit in Paris

From September 14 through the 16th, the senior Moon Strike team will be there so that the fans and players are able to meet them in person. The event itself will be held in the Palais des Congrès and be full of panels and discussions on the future of Web3.

They will be covering four major areas from foundational setup, how Web3 benefits the world, to Web3’s purpose in culture, and how to make Web3 mainstream and part of the world’s everyday life. Part of that mission comes from integrating the gaming world with the blockchain universe, which Moon Strike finds itself at the forefront to help connect these two industries.

Expansion of partnerships

As part of its mission for success, the Moon Strike team will also be announcing exclusive partnerships that it has formed that will help to get the game out to as many players out there as possible. These are quite huge partners and will be announced in the coming weeks. These partnerships are the right mix of industry leaders that will help propel this blockchain-based game to its full potential.

September has only started, and there’s already so much the Moon Strike team is pushing forward. The best method, as always, to stay up to date with news and updates, such as who the exclusive partnerships will be, is to follow the company on Twitter and become part of the rapidly growing community. This is where the news hits first and keeps interested parties and players up to date with the relevant information.

Always remember that the roadmap is continually subject to change and, more importantly, may have more items of note added.

Official Links: — Website — Twitter — Discord — Steam Page — Youtube channel



MoonStrike — Upcoming NFT Play-To-Earn Multiplayer with shooter and development of the base on Unreal Engine AAA quality

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MoonStrike — Upcoming NFT Play-To-Earn Multiplayer with shooter and development of the base on Unreal Engine AAA quality