Moon Strike revealed the design of their NFT cards

For those who have already been following the journey of Moon Strike and the production team behind it, it is no surprise that they’re ready to come out with their next announcement.

One of the most vocal and often updated projects in both the gaming and NFT world, the developers of Moon Strike are ready to announce the initial designs of their NFT cards.

How will these be structured?

As any true gamer knows when playing loot-based games, Moon Strike sticks to that fashion in the truest sense. In the initial set of NFTs, there are going to be three levels of rarity when it comes to the NFT cards.

Basic cards

These will be the most common NFTs. Even so, they’ll still have that AAA feel when it comes to the look and feels and the design quality. As this is going to be a first-person shooter with NFTs powering the entire item system, then the only thing that’s basic about these is that they’ll have the highest number in circulation.

Uncommon cards

The following one on the list will be right in the middle. The uncommon NFTs will come with some additional movements, animations, and richer colors than the basic card set of NFTs. You won’t want to miss your chance to grab some of these unique NFT cards.

Rare Cards

This is what we’re all waiting for. These will have unique designs and animations that are not only the toughest to make but also the hardest to get. There will only be a small selection based on the overall number of the NFT cards we launch that will achieve this status of rarity. You’ll only be able to find out if you sign up with us and start looking to grab yourself one of these rare NFT cards.

About the NFT cards

It’s not just about a still image when it comes to Moon Strike’s NFTs. In fact, part of their driving force is to show just how functional and creative NFTs can become.

That means each NFT, regardless of rarity, will be manually made in an actual 3D design environment. On top of that, there’ll be numerous amounts of animations programmed into the NFT cards.

Another great feature is that for those that are NFT holders, there’s going to be the possibility of staking these NFTs, even the basic versions, and earning numerous rewards. Stay tuned with us so you’ll be able to learn about newer features as they come into the development queue.

In the end

If you’re reading this, you’re already well aware of how much effort has been put into Moon Strike. It’s about truly bringing the gaming world into the NFT / metaverse world and is a lot of fun to play.

The team is tirelessly working on all the necessary components and has finalized many, such as the NFT marketplace, to ensure a complete and holistic NFT universe for their game Moon Strike.

Official Links: — website — twitter — discord — Steam Page — youtube channel



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