Moon Strike releasing game tournament together with Fractal marketplace

3 min readOct 6, 2022


In anticipation of the official launch of Moon Strike, there will be numerous events in October where the community will be offered the opportunity to be able to play and compete in activities. Rewards can include getting whitelisted and the possibility of even winning some NFTs. Simply stay tuned to see what may occur before the launch by always following Moon Strike’s Twitter to see what to expect next.

The tournament on

Moon Strike is proud to announce the first tournament to start on October 4th on the marketplace. is a marketplace to find out about the latest games that are in the web3 and blockchain spheres, and with tournaments come prizes. There are always several dozen, if not many hundreds, of upcoming tournaments available on the marketplace, covering a wide variety of games and play styles.

The prizes can vary and even range in rare collectible items. The only way to know what the next tournament will be is to also follow themselves. They have an open-ended model of how to generate players, collect fees, and initially are a way to help as a launchpad for new up-and-coming games.

You can find the tournament with Moon Strike here. It will run from October 4th through October 7th and finally allow all those waiting to get a taste of the gameplay that the Moon Strike developers have been working so hard to finalize before the big launch day.

Take advantage of many of the features intended to be in the game’s final stages. Players will be able to experience intense PVP action in this first-person shooter that has taken the time to make the graphics truly triple-A in their quality. In addition, players will be able to see some of the PVE and building mechanics in the tournament to get a good feel for what the game entails.

The tournament prize

For players participating in this event, there will be a prize for anyone who decides to sign up and play. That’s right, not only can players enjoy this high-quality game in intensive action, but they will also simply win a prize for participation, without the need or concern of being a victor. Furthermore, the prize itself will be for all participants to receive white label status for the upcoming mint happening with the NFTs related to Moon Strike.

That means by simply playing the game for free, the players will receive first access to these NFTs, and that means the ability to get NFTs at an excellent price for them to be able to use some in-game while possibly selling some early on in the marketplace to earn some funds for new NFTs. Either way, it’s time to sign up for this tournament to finally see the quality and action related to Moon Strike.

Moon Strike is proud to be a part of the ecosystem to help with launching the tournament and rewarding their community.

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