Moon Strike opened additional WL slots for the upcoming NFT sale

As the popularity of the launch date approaches, we’ve seen a huge demand for getting whitelisted for the initial launch of the Moon Strike NFT sale. We’ve decided that even though we’re already at the capacity of our presale, we’re going to extend it out and offer it so that more people can enjoy the NFT sale as it comes up. Now, everybody can join and claim WL slot at

Why expand it?

We felt obliged to owe it to our growing and loyal community to be able to offer it to as many additional users as economically possible while still being able to maintain our target goals for the overall launch. The registration to be added to the WL slots is simple and can be found in greater detail here. The primary general requirements are centered around being verified and having sufficient Ethereum in your wallet at the time of registration and maintained until the launch.

If you decide to pass up on this opportunity, then you won’t be able to get the unbeatable price that is available at launch, as it will then revert to what the current market deems the pricing to be. Right now, we’ve got fixed pricing for the WL group, meaning no surprises.

About the overall project

Moon Strike is an upcoming first-person shooter game with the aim to incorporate elements of blockchain and NFT functionality. It has been developed to look like a triple AAA title with core game mechanics instead of going down a route with subpar functionality. That’s why all the characters and subsequent NFTs are designed in 3D.

The collection itself will feature a limited run of only 5,555 NFTs that will also come with built-in staking options to keep the NFTs earning while you have them. This helps those getting in earlier to start supporting and staking at the get-go.

Keep in mind to pay attention to all the relevant dates. Although there shouldn’t be any change to the dates at this stage, following us on social media is a surefire way of getting the most up-to-date information about the NFT launch and information about the game itself and other relevant topics. As of now, the presale date will still be on October 23, 2022, with the public sale happening five days later, October 28, 2022

Be a part of the new blockchain gaming

This is the early stages of blockchain gaming development, and it’s already accelerating at a rapid pace. By joining the NFT WL, you’ll be able to take advantage of being part of a gaming platform that has already built out some stellar gameplay and developed the right partnerships along the way. There’s no stopping where the Moon Strike development team is headed, and it will truly be a game changer for both the gaming and the blockchain / NFT industries.

You can already find their spot reserved on Steam, the video game distribution platform, and ready to distribute to the masses.

Official Links: — Website — Twitter — Discord — Steam Page — Youtube channel



MoonStrike — Upcoming NFT Play-To-Earn Multiplayer with shooter and development of the base on Unreal Engine AAA quality

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MoonStrike — Upcoming NFT Play-To-Earn Multiplayer with shooter and development of the base on Unreal Engine AAA quality