Moon Strike Got Grant Approval From Microsoft Azure Program

3 min readSep 20, 2022


The extensive news for September continues with yet another fantastic piece of information about Moon Strike. It has just received approval to receive a grant from Microsoft’s Azure Program. This helps the team to accelerate game development with the power of cloud-based infrastructure from Microsoft Azure.

In addition, it will help expand the roadmap to deploy Moon Strike much faster across game platforms and consoles, growing the user base and access to the game exponentially.

What is this program all about?

It’s known as ID@Azure and is meant to provide a mix of support, development tools, and cloud credits to help any type of game developer take their creation to the next level.

This is combined with free Azure PlayFab access for a couple of years, which will help to integrate multiplayer services into the game itself. Items such as chat, matchmaking, and lobbies won’t have to be coded from the ground up and help to integrate and connect our player base inside the game much easier.

It also helps to provide the Moon Strike development access to a wealth of educational tools and case studies meant to have the team working smarter and making them logically develop a more robust gaming experience for our player base. There’s plenty of information, from code samples to architecture setup, that will only enhance the continued development while at the same time not hindering the current progress and flow.

This also helps Moon Strike get the proper expertise from Microsoft’s gaming division to know what will work best for our game and the entire ecosystem we’ve developed, with the gameplay, the NFT marketplace, and the numerous partnerships we’ve solidified along the way. There’s also extended support from Azure with their cloud-based computing with the intent to ensure that the gaming experience, especially the online experience, doesn’t really have any major downtime associated with it.

All of this is for our community

We decided that it’d be best to help with this partnership, all to ensure that while we’re still on track with our various launches this year, we wanted to make sure that it would be the best player experience possible at launch. Too often, there are games that come out, even without being powered additionally by sophisticated blockchain-based technologies, that tend to fall short of what they were expected to deliver.

This grant approval helps us practically ensure that we’re going to be Day 1 ready and that our growing community can feel confident in our dedication and that the quality behind the game of Moon Strike is stronger than ever. If you’re not already keeping track of us on social media, we invite you to do so now so that you can continue to receive updates from us easily.

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