Moon Strike Announcing Changes in Minting Dates For NFT

The current market situation has been quite volatile regarding cryptocurrency and, subsequently, NFTs in general. At Moon Strike, we want to ensure that we have the right type of balance between a successful launch and a lucrative NFT ecosystem for all involved.

We’re pushing back our date

That means we’re going to push out our date when we feel that the markets will be more stabilized. Since the price swings are currently too varied, we don’t feel comfortable with launching our NFT until we can see more price stabilization across the board.

That means for the foreseeable future; our Presales date will now be October 23, 2022. This will be the best time to be able to grab an NFT for our game Moon Strike and to get optimal options and pricing.

On October 28, 2022, five days after the presale event, we’ll have our NFTs open to the public and allow the mass market to participate. So whether you buy on the 23rd, the 28th or anytime after that, we value you as one of our community members and your faith in our product as a whole.

Why does volatility matter?

It’s not just about the volatility but about the current pricing. Ethereum is at a recent low, and that means the overall value we’re trying to obtain for our valued supporters is a lot less than previously estimated.

However, Moon Strike is a game with a lot of quality behind it. So rather than dilute our product by offering more to hit our targets, we decided that by waiting, we’ll be able to get to a less volatile market, with the pricing recovering somewhat.

This, of course, doesn’t mean we’re sitting and doing nothing until then, but it also means that we’ve got more time to pour our focus and passion into Moon Strike. We’ll spend the time to work on having the best possible NFT-based game and related marketplaces for your use so you’ll feel the quality and love that’s been put throughout it.

As always, make sure you’re following us on all our channels so that you’ll be able to know when you’re eligible for the presale, what our developers are working on, and what new items and products we’ll be adding to the overall ecosystem.

And, of course, you’ll be one of the first to know when you’ll actually be able to try out our game Moon Strike for yourself and to showcase your NFTs in the world we’ve developed for you.

Official Links: — website — twitter — discord — Steam Page — youtube channel



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