Moon Strike and Rainmaker Games Strategic Partnership

3 min readOct 3, 2022


The team at Moon Strike promised a big and eventful September with numerous updates to help ensure the success of the game’s launch and that the community that has been a big support throughout will have something to look forward to when the game finally does come out.

To round out September with this big push for partnerships, Moon strike finalized one last alliance to give its game the best chances of success, and this is through its collaboration with Rainmaker Games.

About Rainmaker Games

Rainmaker Games is a platform to help connect and display all the current web3 games out there that are playing to earn. They have taken the time to do an amalgamation of these games and to provide all the relevant data for each game as it comes out. It’s updated regularly, so visit often as you will see updated information and stats on each of your favorite NFT and blockchain-based games.

When you select a game to view, everything you need to know is clearly displayed. For example, you can get an estimate of how much you can earn daily, what chains the game currently supports, and what operating system (PC, Android, iOS, or something else).

In addition, you’ll be able to see an estimate of what it takes to jump into any games if there’s an upfront NFT purchase that needs to be made while at the same time if there’s any NFT-related token that works with the blockchain-based game. You can easily see the current values of these tokens and evaluate and asses everything right then and there.

Also, as the games launch, Rainmaker games took the time to provide reviews of the game and in-depth guides on what is needed to play the game. You can also get feeds from social media here and see what like-minded individuals are saying about your favorite game.

A perfect partner for Moon Strike

As the launch date comes ever closer, a partner such as Rain Maker helps establish the right type of presence as a neutral party to display the current, correct information and statistics relevant to the game. While the developers and the founding team behind Moon Strike will always strive to do the same and always work towards complete transparency, it’s always good to have a second look at everything.

In addition, this will only help to grow the moon strike community as it will connect with others that are fully vested in NFTs and blockchain-powered gaming, who are looking for some new gameplay style to look at and another place to do paying to earn.

Since Moon Strike itself is a completely different game from many other blockchain-based games, it will not only be a fantastic play-to-earn game but come with quality gameplay and stunning visuals. This is due to the entire game being built on the Unreal Engine, making it a great game to simply play and connect to the world of blockchain, web3, and NFTs.

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