Moon Strike 2nd Demo Release: Get Ready for an Epic Gaming Experience!

1 min readJan 30, 2023


Attention all Moon Strike players! Get ready for the release of the highly anticipated 2nd demo on February 2nd. Here’s what you can expect in this update:

  1. The demo will be available on Steam, the #1 platform for all PC players at this link —

2. The game has been updated to Unreal Engine 5, bringing you even better graphics and gameplay

3. A new multiplayer mode has been added, so you can shoot against your friends and see who comes out on top.

4. A leaderboard system has been added, so you can see who the best player is.

5. A chat system has also been added, so you can chat with your friends while playing.

And that’s not all! Our roadmap for the future includes adding a Gunsmith section to upgrade and customize your weapons, and a tournament monthly system where you can win NFTs and $$$.

So get ready for an even better gaming experience with Moon Strike. We can’t wait for you to try it out!

Official Links: — Website — Twitter — Discord — Steam Page — Youtube channel — Token Contract




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